BD logo Brake Director™ is the real one-hand braking solution for bicycles.

How does it work?

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Special Pricing for Police

Law enforcement officers and organizations may purchase Brake Director™ at a special price. Furthermore, if you're a member of the International Police Mountain Bike Association, you can buy a Brake Director™ unit through their purchase program for a discounted rate! If you work in law enforcement and would like to take advantage of one of these special offers, just give us a call or email.

After talking with Bicycle Police and attending the 2010 IPMBA Conference, Brake Director announces a Special Set Up available for Bicycle Police.  It will operate the Brake Director off of one lever and the back wheel only via the other lever with a cable doubler.  This will allow the Bicycle Police to lock the back wheel for specific maneuvers.  When pulling both levers, the addition of the back wheel brake adds power in addition to Brake Director.  For Pricing and inquiries, contact


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Brake Director™ is a one hand brake solution