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How does it work?

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Brake Director

Disabled Riders

Until now, people who can only use one arm have found it difficult to enter the cycling world. Brake Director™ makes it possible for people with upper-body impairments to ride with confidence. Brake Director™ units have even been supplied to disabled military veterans through the Wounded Warrior Project.  More Info »

How It Works

Technical Details and Installation Information

Brake Director™ works by installing the output cable from the single lever to a varied ratio cam, which first gives regular motion bringing the brake shoes into contact with the rim. The ratio then shifts to a 2-to-1 multiplication of force, giving more than the the force of 2 hands to the brakes. This extra force creates increased sensitivity to brake operation. The cam operates a dual output differential which distributes 100% of the created force to the brakes via 2 cables. Each brake is thus supplied with more than the standard force of a single hand.

Read the Brake Director™ installation manual here. Feel free to call or email us with any questions.

This video walks you through a typical installation. Watch out if you have a slow connection, though - this is a big file! (About 35 megabytes).

The Brake Director™ unit is normally mounted somewhere on a bicycle's handlebars, and it can be connected to one or both brake levers. Because of its simple and robust design, the Brake Director™ component can be used on many types of human-powered vehicles besides conventional bicycles, including tandem bikes and recumbent cycles.

The Possibilities of One-Handed Braking

Brake Director™ represents a great opportunity for anyone who could use a free hand on the road. The inventors' original motive for designing a one-hand braking solution was to accommodate people with upper-body disabilities, but Brake Director™ is a great choice for cyclists of any stripe.

Bike Police

Bicycle Police

Few people appreciate having a free hand more than bicycle police officers. Brake Director™'s small size makes it well-suited to police work, and it's been designed for quick response in a panic stop situation.

Boy rider

Beginning Cyclists

Braking can be a big hurdle for anyone who's learning to ride -- squeeze the wrong lever too hard and you get pitched over the handlebars! Brake Director™ makes the learning process smoother and ensures the safety of inexperienced riders.


Everyday Bicycle Enthusiasts

You don't need to belong to a "special" subset of cyclists to take advantage of Brake Director™, of course. Anyone who wants an easier commute can benefit from the easy one-hand braking action that this component allows.

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Brake Director™ is a one hand brake solution