BD logo Brake Director™ is the real one-hand braking solution for bicycles.

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About Us


David Krafchick and David Hawkins have been working together since 1988. Since that time, they have been working together to refine and perfect the one-hand power braking solution.

David Krafchick consults through his company, Nimbleland, with many different organizations including Washington State Arts Commission, Apple Computer and Comcast. As co-inventor of Brake Director™, funding the entire development over 15 years, he has personally tested and analyzed every prototype. The creation of Brake Director™ started when he realized there was no solution in the bicycle market that addressed his disability. Brake Director™ represents a commitment to bring a solution to people who desire to use a bicycle, even with limitations.

David Hawkins is a 30+ year Bicycle Technical Service and Business Professional. David is recognized in the Bicycle Industry as a TopFlight diagnostician and Solutions Engineer. He has designed many technical solutions addressing handicaps and other limitations. As co-inventor of Brake Director™, he has designed and engineered every prototype, building up to the market unit we have today. Brake Director™ adds a needed solution for specific limitations and a powerful alternative for the recreational rider.

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Brake Director™ is a one hand brake solution