BD logo Brake Director™ is the real one-hand braking solution for bicycles.

How does it work?

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Made in the USA
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Brake Director™ can be used with a single hand!

Cascade Bicycle Club - A large bicycle club in the Seattle area that sponsors the Bike Expo and many group rides.

Electric Bikes Northwest - The nation's leading hybrid electric bike dealer.
You can buy Brake Director™ there! (David Hawkins, co-inventor of Brake Director™, is their chief mechanic.) Call for appointment 2 pm to 6 pm Tuesday-Friday. 

Outdoorsforall Foundation - Recreational programs for people with disabilities. We are in discussions to add Brake Director™ as an available option on their provided bicycles.  Check out Latest News for Updates.

Where to Buy Brake Director™

Bike Trails in the Pacific Northwest - What better place to try out your new Brake Director™ than on one of the many trails in this area! Search online for trails near you.

Brake Director™ is a single hand bicycle brake solution

Database Mechanic - Dan Crawford, the Database Mechanic, designed this website and is available for contract database/ web development work at reasonable rates.

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Brake Director™ is a one hand brake solution