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Bicycle Industry Events and Other Happenings

April 2012

We just launched our Kickstarter Project for Brake Director.
It is running for 30 days (ending May 15).
It's an all or nothing project.
Take a look here: Brake Director Kickstarter Project
Spread the word. Share it with everyone and anyone you can think of.
Donations can be as low as a $1.

April 2011

We plan to attend the IPMBA Conference in Missouri.

October 2010

The Ballard New Tribune featured us in an article.

May 2010

We attended the IPMBA Conference in Missouri.

October 2009

Brake Director was introduced to the Portland Bicycle Community and met with shops and bike tech developers.

Bike polo has been on our table for a year or so.  Did you know that the Seattle Bicycle Polo Team are world champions?  We will be exploring how Brake Director can be integrated into the sport. 

July 2008

The Brake Director™ team attended the National Ability Center Conference.

May 2008

Brake Director™ was featured at San Francisco's Maker's Fair  installed on a cargo bike prototype by a Seattle builder.

April 2008

Brake Director™ has been featured at the Volcanic Bike booths as part of the International Police Mountain Bike Association Conference Exhibitors  April 23 and 24th, 2008 in Indianapolis.  The attending members are looking for real solutions at every booth.  Both Volcanic Bikes and Brake Director™ garnered real interest. With this in mind, we are developing a Bicycle Police section of the site with exclusive info and pricing. We will post an update about this in a few days.

Brake Director LLC was one of the sponsors for Laughter is the Best Medicine April 19th, 2008 at the Mainstage Comedy Club.  It will be a quarterly show, next up in August.

March 2008

Brake Director™ returned to the Group Health Seattle International Bicycle Expo.

September 2007

Brake Director™ was featured at Interbike with members of the Wounded Warrior project, which has distributed Brake Director™ units to disabled veterans.

March 2007

The Brake Director™ team was at the Group Health Seattle International Bicycle Expo.

February 2006

Brake Director™ was at the Group Health Seattle International Bicycle Expo. The inventors gave demonstration rides and answered questions about Brake Director™.

2004 - 2007

Brake Director™ has attended the Seattle to Portland Bicycle Classic every year since 2004.  


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Brake Director™ is a one hand brake solution