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Broken Hand Doesn't Stop Rider With Brake Director

Hugh McCall Dear David K and David H:

Thank you for two Brake Directors. David Hawkins installed one on my hybrid and one on my road bike in March 2005. I asked him for the dual braking system so I could operate the Brake Director with either hand or both. I've been riding with them for seven months, and they both work great. A fall in February broke my left hand and dislocated the fingers. While the hand was in a cast, I spotted Brake Director at the 2005 Seattle Bike Expo. The left hand is still recovering, and Brake Director prevented the risk of braking unevenly. Braking with the right hand without worrying about even distribution to both wheels has assured me of smooth stops. This is especially effective on steep hills; and, I can selectively brake with the left hand to strengthen it.

June was a good test for the hybrid. My wife and I road over Snoqualmie Pass to Cle Elum on the John Wayne Trail. Brake Director operated smoothly on rocky terrain.

Another satisfied Brake Director customer,
Hugh McCall
Bellevue, Wa
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Brake Director™ is a one hand brake solution