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Jan Tries Brake Director™

Jan Michael, with the encouragement of her husband, Don, went to BI Cycles looking for a way to ride a bicycle. Her biggest concerns were the brakes.  The owner remembered us, called Cascade Bicycle Club to get our number and we arranged to put Brake Director™ on in 48 hours. 24 hours later she sent us this e-mail:

Dear David Krafchick and David Hawkins,

Thank you for the Brake Director that you recently installed on my bike at the BI Cycle shop. I'm so excited to be able to ride and stop with new found confidence. Your invention is fantastic and I'm thrilled with the application to my bike. It works great and the bike looks normal. :0)

I plan to keep in touch with you as I gain more experience on the bike. Right now, learning how to do the foot clips is my biggest challenge.

Thanks again,

Jan Michael
Proud NEW Brake Director Owner!

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Brake Director™ is a one hand brake solution