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A Recreational Cyclist Tests Brake Director™

Mark Linsey is a weekend recreational cyclist, who’s a retired Biomedical Engineer and currently a Seattle-based private Investor in mostly biotech and high tech start-ups. He’s also a husband and father to whom family life, safety and exercise are very important.

"I originally installed Brake Director™ on my bike as a lark since I knew David Krafchick and had wanted to try it after hearing all about his new innovation. I’m totally blown away by how simple it is to use and how well it works. At first it seemed weird only having to use one hand to stop.

I found myself reaching for the other brake lever even though it wasn’t there. Concern for safety has quickly dissipated as Brake Director™ works better than I ever imagined. Magnolia, the community where I live, has many steep hills and I find that I can stop my bike more quickly and efficiently with the predetermined front to back braking force ratio of Brake Director™.

I’m excited about the future for Brake Director™. I understand it was conceived as an aid for riders with certain physical impairments but think it’s an idea whose time has come for most everyone. I can foresee a time when Brake Director™ will come standard on all bikes. Without hesitation, I will recommend Brake Director™ to all my friends."

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Brake Director™ is a one hand brake solution