BD logo Brake Director™ is the real one-hand braking solution for bicycles.

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Stories about Brake Director™
The Real One-Hand Power Bicycle Braking solution

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Jan Don Ron
Jan Michael, with the encouragement of her husband, Don, went to BI Cycles looking for a way to ride a bicycle.
Don has his own thoughts about Brake Director™ and what it means to him and Jan.
Ron Thomson, an avid bicyclist, had a stroke and looked for a way to return to bicycling.
Ana Steve Dr Heit
Ana, 10, found why controlled stopping is important. Steve is Ana's Father and an Attorney. Dr. Heit shares his experiences with Brake Director™.
Troy Troy rode the 2004 STP using Brake Director and bought it because it was 'cool.'  Then he had a Major Injury.  Today he has a whole new appreciation of Brake Director.
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Brake Director™ is a one hand brake solution